Key English %s says %s
accessibility.list.or.two %s or %s
accessibility.index %s of %s ## This is numbering, which number out of the total number of objects is available for interaction. Example: 1 of 3
accessibility.start.buttonHelper %s : %s ## Used for on-screen gamepad helpers (eg. "Y Button : Change User")
accessibility.controllerLayoutScreen.buttonRemapped %s is now bound to %s
accessibility.controllerLayoutScreen.buttonBoundTo %s button: %s
accessibility.emotes.hovered %s, emote button %d, %d of %d Name: %s (%s) +%d %s +%d%% %s +%d%% %s
attribute.modifier.take.0 -%d %s
attribute.modifier.take.1 -%d%% %s
attribute.modifier.take.2 -%d%% %s (%s) * %s %s (%s) <%s> %s
chat.type.achievement %s has just earned the achievement %s
chat.type.achievement.taken %s has lost the achievement %s
chat.type.admin [%s: %s]
chat.type.announcement [%s] %s