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Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) - All version download Minecraft 基岩专用服务器 (BDS) - 所有版本下载
%s offers an archive of Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) to download, for both current and old releases! %s 提供了 Minecraft 基岩专用服务器 (BDS) 的存档,可以下载当前版本和旧版本!
%1$s allow %2$s players on Windows and Ubuntu computers to set up their own server at home, or host their server using a cloud-based service. %1$s 允许 Windows 和 Ubuntu 电脑上的 %2$s 玩家在家中设置自己的服务器,或者使用云服务托管服务器。
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Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) download Minecraft 基岩专用服务器 (BDS) 下载
How to downgrade the "Minecraft: Bedrock Edition" version? 如何将 "Minecraft: 基岩版" 降版本?
Windows 10 users can download %1$s, developed by the %2$s. Windows 10 用户可以下载由 %2$s 开发的 %1$s。
Android users can take advantage of the way the APK is installed, each version is backed up as an APK, uninstalling the current version and then installing the old version. Android 用户可以利用安装 APK 的方式,将每个版本备份为 APK,卸载当前版本,然后安装旧版本。
When performing any downgrades, please back up the game data directory to avoid loss of files. 进行任何降版本动作时,请先备份游戏数据目录,以免文件遗失。
If you want to run a multiplayer server for Minecraft, start by downloading the server release for either Windows or Ubuntu. 如果您想运行 Minecraft 多人服务器,您首先需要下载适用于 Windows 或 Ubuntu 的服务端软件。
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