Key English
chair_occupied_message This chair is already occupied
chair_too_far_away The chair is too far away to sit down
chair_disabled_for_player To enable chairs type: /chair
chair_toggle_on_message You have &2enabled&r chair behavior
chair_toggle_off_message You have &4disabled&r chair behavior
griefprevention_no_sitting You can't sit in this claim
plotsquared_no_sitting You can't sit in this plot
residence_no_sitting_flag You can't sit in this residence
worldguard_no_sitting_flag You can't sit in this region
invalid_sit_location You are unable to sit in this location
player_not_found &cPlayer not found or is offline.
player_kicked &cPlayer was kicked from the chair.
no_permission You don't have permission to do that.
only_in_game Command can only be run in-game.
reload_config Configuration reloaded.