Key English Chinese (Traditional)
Messages->ActionBarMessage &aYou are invisible to other players! &a你對其他玩家來說是隱形的!
Messages->AlreadyInvisibleMessage &cPlayer &e%other%&c is already invisible! &c玩家 &e%other%&c 已經隱形了!
Messages->AlreadyVanishedError &cYou are already invisible! &c你已經隱形了!
Messages->AlreadyVisibleMessage &cPlayer &e%other%&c is already visible! &c玩家 &e%other%&c 已經可以被看見了!
Messages->BlockBreakDenied &c[SV] You can't break blocks in vanish! &c[SV] 你不能在消失狀態下破壞方塊!
Messages->BlockPlaceDenied &c[SV] You can't place blocks in vanish! &c[SV] 你不能在消失狀態下放置方塊!
Messages->CannotHideOtherPlayer &cYou're not allowed to change %other%'s visibility! &c你不被允許更改 %other% 的可見性!
Messages->DismissedRecreationWarning &eYou are no longer receiving notifications about this recreation. &e你不會在收到關於重新創建的訊息。
Messages->DynmapFakeJoin %d% joined %d% 加入了
Messages->DynmapFakeQuit %d% quit %d% 離開了
Messages->EntityHitDenied &c[SV] You can't hit players or mobs in vanish! &c[SV] 你無法在消失狀態下傷害玩家或實體!
Messages->HelpFormat &6%usage% &7- &b%description% &c(%permission%) &6%usage% &7- &b%description% &c(%permission%)
Messages->HelpHeader &a<---------------&e SuperVanish-Help &a---------------> &a<---------------&e SuperVanish-Help &a--------------->
Messages->HideOtherMessage &aPlayer &e%other%&a is now invisible! &a玩家 &e%other%&a 隱形了!
Messages->InvalidSender &cYou must be a player to execute this command! &c你一定要成為玩家來使用這個指令!
Messages->InvalidUsage &cInvalid usage, you can use &6/sv help&c for a list of commands. &c錯誤用法,你可以用 &6/sv help&c 顯示指令列表。
Messages->ListMessagePrefix &aInvisible Players:&f %l &a隱形玩家:&f %l
Messages->NoConfigUpdateAvailable &eYour SuperVanish-files are up to date! &e你的 SuperVanish-files 是最新狀態!
Messages->NoPermission &4Denied access! You are not allowed to do this. &4存取拒絕!你沒有做這件事的權限。
Messages->NotVanishedError &cYou are not invisible! &c你不是隱形的!