Key English Chinese (Traditional)
Messages->CannotHideOtherPlayer &cYou're not allowed to change %other%'s visibility! &c你不被允許更改 %other% 的可見性!
Messages->AlreadyInvisibleMessage &cPlayer &e%other%&c is already invisible! &c玩家 &e%other%&c 已經隱形了!
Messages->AlreadyVisibleMessage &cPlayer &e%other%&c is already visible! &c玩家 &e%other%&c 已經可以被看見了!
Messages->PluginReloaded &aSuccessfully reloaded SuperVanish (%time%ms)! &a成功重載 SuperVanish (%time%毫秒)!
Messages->InvalidSender &cYou must be a player to execute this command! &c你一定要成為玩家來使用這個指令!
Messages->PlayerNotOnline &cThat player is not online! &c那個玩家不在線上!
Messages->PlayerNonExistent &cThat player doesn't exist! &c那個玩家不存在!
Messages->ToggledPickingUpItemsOn &ePicking up items is now turned &aON&e. &e撿取物品現在變為 &a開啟&e.
Messages->ToggledPickingUpItemsOff &ePicking up items is now turned &cOFF&e. &e撿取物品現在變為 &c關閉&e.
Messages->UpdateWarning &cWarning! Recreating %updates% resets %changes%. Please use &e/sv recreatefiles confirm&c if you'd like to continue. &c警告! 重新創建 %updates% 會重置%changes%。 請使用 &e/sv recreatefiles confirm&c 如果你想繼續。
Messages->RecreatedConfig &aSuccessfully recreated %updates%! Please check %changes%. &a重新創建 %updates%成功! 請查看%changes%。
Messages->NoConfigUpdateAvailable &eYour SuperVanish-files are up to date! &e你的 SuperVanish-files 是最新狀態!
Messages->RecreationRequiredMsg &c[SV] Your SuperVanish-files are not up to date, you can use &e/sv recreatefiles&c to recreate them or use /sv recreatefiles dismiss to dismiss this message. Recreating SuperVanish's files gives you access to newer settings and features of the plugin. &c[SV] 你的 SuperVanish-files 不是最新狀態,你可以用 &e/sv recreatefiles&c 來重新創建 或 用 /sv recreatefiles dismiss 來忽略這個信息。重新創建 SuperVanish 的檔案可以給你插件的新設定和功能。
Messages->DismissedRecreationWarning &eYou are no longer receiving notifications about this recreation. &e你不會在收到關於重新創建的訊息。
Messages->UndismissedRecreationWarning &eYou are now receiving notifications about this recreation. &e你將會收到關於重新創建的訊息。
Messages->PrintedStacktrace &eSuccessfully created a stacktrace, see console! &e成功創建 stacktrace,請查看控制台!
Messages->EntityHitDenied &c[SV] You can't hit players or mobs in vanish! &c[SV] 你無法在消失狀態下傷害玩家或實體!
Messages->BlockPlaceDenied &c[SV] You can't place blocks in vanish! &c[SV] 你不能在消失狀態下放置方塊!
Messages->BlockBreakDenied &c[SV] You can't break blocks in vanish! &c[SV] 你不能在消失狀態下破壞方塊!
Messages->PluginOutdated &c[SV] Your current version of SuperVanish is outdated. New version: '%new%'; Currently: '%current%' &c[SV] 你目前版本的 SuperVanish 是過期的。 最新版本: '%new%'; 目前版本: '%current%'