Key English
Messages->NoPermission &4Denied access! You are not allowed to do this.
Messages->InvalidUsage &cInvalid usage, you can use &6/sv help&c for a list of commands.
Messages->VanishMessage &e%p% left the game
Messages->ReappearMessage &e%p% joined the game
Messages->VanishMessageWithPermission &a[SV] %p% vanished.
Messages->ReappearMessageWithPermission &a[SV] %p% reappeared.
Messages->OnVanish &aYou are now invisible!
Messages->OnReappear &aYou are no longer invisible!
Messages->OnVanishCausedByOtherPlayer &a%other% hid you, you are now invisible!
Messages->OnReappearCausedByOtherPlayer &a%other% showed you, you are now visible!
Messages->AlreadyVanishedError &cYou are already invisible!
Messages->NotVanishedError &cYou are not invisible!
Messages->SilentJoinMessageForAdmins &a[SV] %p% joined silently.
Messages->SilentQuitMessageForAdmins &a[SV] %p% left silently.
Messages->SilentDeathMessage &a[SV] %deathmsg%
Messages->RemindingMessage &aYou are still invisible!
Messages->ListMessagePrefix &aInvisible Players:&f %l
Messages->ActionBarMessage &aYou are invisible to other players!
Messages->HideOtherMessage &aPlayer &e%other%&a is now invisible!
Messages->ShowOtherMessage &aPlayer &e%other%&a is now visible!