Key English Chinese (Traditional)
HELP_PLAYER &2&lSkinsRestorer &7- &f&lv%ver%
&2/skin <skinname> &7-&f Changes your skin.
&2/skin update &7-&f Updates your skin.
&2/skin clear &7-&f Clears your skin.
&2&lSkinsRestorer &7- &f&lv%ver%
&2/skin <skinname> &7-&f 變更您的外觀。
&2/skin update &7-&f 更新您的外觀。
&2/skin clear &7-&f 清除您的外觀。
DATA_DROPPED &2Data dropped for %playerOrSkin %targets. &2已捨棄 %playerOrSkin %targets 的資料。
SUCCESS_UPDATING_SKIN &2Your skin has been updated. &2已更新您的外觀。
SKIN_CLEAR_SUCCESS &2Your skin has been cleared. &2已清除您的外觀。
SKIN_CHANGE_SUCCESS &2Your skin has been changed. &2已變更您的外觀。
RELOAD &2Config and Locale has been reloaded! &2已重新載入配置文件及語區資料!
ADMIN_SET_SKIN &2You set %player's skin. &2您已設定 %player 的外觀。
STATUS_OK &2Mojang API connection successful! &2成功連線上 Mojang API!
SKINSMENU_OPEN &2Opening the skins menu... &2打開外觀選單中...
SKINSMENU_SELECT_SKIN &2Click to select this skin &2按一下選取此外觀
MS_UPDATING_SKIN &2Uploading skin, please wait...(This may take up some time) &2正在上傳外觀,請稍候... (這可能需要一些時間)
SUCCESS_UPDATING_SKIN_OTHER &2Skin updated for player %player. &2玩家 %player 的外觀已更新。
SKIN_CLEAR_ISSUER &2Skin cleared for player %player. &2玩家 %player 的外觀已清除。
ERROR_MS_GENERIC &4MS Error&8: &c%error% &4MS 錯誤&8:&c%error%
ERROR_MS_FULL &4MS Error&8: &cAPI timed out while uploading your &cskin. Please try again later. (MineSkin) &4MS 錯誤&8:&c上傳外觀時發生 API 逾時。請稍候重新嘗試。(MineSkin)
OUTDATED &4You are running an outdated version of SkinsRestorer!
&cPlease update to the latest version on Spigot:
&4您正在執行舊版 SkinsRestorer!
&c請更新到 Spigot 上的最新版本:
MS_API_FAILED &4Error&8: &cMineSkin API is overloaded, please try again later! &4錯誤&8:&cMineSkin API 超載,請稍後再試!
INVALID_PLAYER &4Error&8: &c%player is not a valid username or URL. &4錯誤&8:&c%player 非有效的使用者名稱或網址。
PLAYER_HAS_NO_PERMISSION_URL &4Error&8: &cYou don't have permission to set skins by URL. &4錯誤&8:&c你無權將外觀設定成某個網址。
PLAYER_HAS_NO_PERMISSION_SKIN &4Error&8: &cYou don't have permission to set this skin. &4錯誤&8:&c你無權設定此外觀。