Key English
HELP_SR_PROPS Displays the players current skin properties.
HELP_SR_RELOAD Reloads the configuration file.
HELP_SR_STATUS Checks plugin needed API services
INVALID_PLAYER &4Error&8: &c%player is not a valid username or URL.
MS_API_FAILED &4Error&8: &cMineSkin API is overloaded, please try again later!
MS_UPDATING_SKIN &2Uploading skin, please wait...(This may take up some time)
NO_SKIN_DATA &4Error&8: &cNo skin data acquired! Does this player have a skin?
NOT_PREMIUM &4Error&8: &cPremium player with that name does not exist.
OUTDATED &4You are running an outdated version of SkinsRestorer!
&cPlease update to the latest version on Spigot:
PLAYER_HAS_NO_PERMISSION_SKIN &4Error&8: &cYou don't have permission to set this skin.
PLAYER_HAS_NO_PERMISSION_URL &4Error&8: &cYou don't have permission to set skins by URL.
PREFIX &e[&2SkinsRestorer&e]
RELOAD &2Config and Locale has been reloaded!
SKIN_CHANGE_SUCCESS &2Your skin has been changed.
SKIN_CLEAR_ISSUER &2Skin cleared for player %player.
SKIN_CLEAR_SUCCESS &2Your skin has been cleared.
SKIN_COOLDOWN &4Error&8: &cYou can change your skin again in &e%s &cseconds.
SKIN_DISABLED &4Error&8: &cThis skin is disabled by an administrator.
SKINSMENU_NEXT_PAGE &a&l»&7 Next Page&a&l »
SKINSMENU_OPEN &2Opening the skins menu...