Key English
SKINSMENU_TITLE_NEW &9Skins Menu - Page %page
SKINSMENU_NEXT_PAGE &a&l»&7 Next Page&a&l »
SKINSMENU_PREVIOUS_PAGE &e&l«&7 Previous Page&e&l «
SKINSMENU_REMOVE_SKIN &c&l[ &7Remove Skin&c&l ]
SKINSMENU_SELECT_SKIN &2Click to select this skin
ADMIN_SET_SKIN &2You set %player's skin.
DATA_DROPPED &2Data dropped for %playerOrSkin %targets.
STATUS_OK &2Mojang API connection successful!
ALT_API_FAILED &4Error&8: &cSkin Data API is overloaded, please try again later!
MS_API_FAILED &4Error&8: &cMineSkin API is overloaded, please try again later!
NO_SKIN_DATA &4Error&8: &cNo skin data acquired! Does this player have a skin?
RELOAD &2Config and Locale has been reloaded!
OUTDATED &4You are running an outdated version of SkinsRestorer!
&cPlease update to the latest version on Spigot:
SR_LINE &7&m----------------------------------------
HELP_PLAYER &2&lSkinsRestorer &7- &f&lv%ver%
&2/skin <skinname> &7-&f Changes your skin.
&2/skin update &7-&f Updates your skin.
&2/skin clear &7-&f Clears your skin.