Key English Chinese (Traditional)
messages->setup->iTrade You have setup a trade shop that costs !chest1 for !chest2! 你放置了一個無限交換箱。可以使用!chest1來換!chest2!
messages->setup->Trade You have setup a trade shop that costs !chest1 for !chest2! 你放置了一個交換箱。可以使用!chest1來換!chest2!
messages->setup->TpToOwner You have setup a command example shop, selling teleports to !owner for !price! 你放置了一個店主傳送牌。可以傳送到!owner身邊。傳送價格為:!price!
messages->setup->Class You have setup a shop to sell a class of items for !price! 你放置了一個職業裝備箱,出售價格為:!price!
messages->setup->Disenchant You have setup a sign that removes enchantments for !price! 你放置了一個移除附魔牌,使用價格為:!price!
messages->setup->Command You have created a sign that runs commands for !price! 你放置了一個指令牌,使用價格為:!price!
messages->setup->Jukebox You have set up a Jukebox that plays records from the chest for !price! 你放置了一個音樂箱,使用價格為:!price!
messages->setup->ResetKit You have setup a sign that resets !param signs! 你放置了一個新手身份牌,可以重置新手身份,使用價格為:!price! !param
messages->setup->iXPBuy You have put !items for sale at the cost of !xp XP points! 經驗商店_你將開始出售!items,出售價格為:!xp點經驗!
messages->setup->iXPSell You have put !items infinitely for sale at a price of !xp XP points! 經驗商店_你將開始收購!items,收購價格為:!xp點經驗!
messages->setup->Promote You have set up a Promote sign that promotes to the !promoteto group. 你已設定了一個提議告示牌並在 !promoteto 群組設定了新提案。
messages->setup->TCommand You have created a command sign that runs commands on this sign after 10 seconds for !price! 你已經創建了一個命令告示牌,此告示牌會在10秒號運行!price!
messages->confirm->Buy Buy !items for !price? 你想要以!price的價格購買!items嗎? (空手按右鍵確認購買)
messages->confirm->Sell Sell !items for !price? 你想要以!price的價格出售!items嗎? (空手按右鍵確認出售)
messages->confirm->Donate Donate !items? 你想要捐獻!items嗎?(手持物品按右鍵確認捐獻)
messages->confirm->DonateHand Donate !items? 你想要捐獻!items嗎?(手持物品按右鍵確認捐獻)
messages->confirm->Slot Play this slot machine for !price? 你想要來抽獎嗎?一次只要!price哦!(空手按右鍵開始抽獎)
messages->confirm->iBuy Buy !items for !price? 你想要以!price的價格購買!items嗎? (空手按右鍵確認購買)
messages->confirm->iSell Sell !items for !price? 你想要以!price的價格出售!items嗎? (空手按右鍵確認出售)
messages->confirm->gBuy Buy !items for !price? 使用!price購買!items