Key English
messages->setup->ResetKit You have setup a sign that resets !param signs!
messages->confirm->Buy Buy !items for !price?
messages->confirm->Sell Sell !items for !price?
messages->confirm->Donate Donate !items?
messages->confirm->DonateHand Donate !items?
messages->confirm->Slot Play this slot machine for !price?
messages->confirm->iBuy Buy !items for !price?
messages->confirm->iSell Sell !items for !price?
messages->confirm->gBuy Buy !items for !price?
messages->confirm->Day Set the time to day for !price?
messages->confirm->Night Set the time to night for !price?
messages->confirm->Rain Set the weather to raining for !price?
messages->confirm->ClearSkies Set the weather to clear skies for !price?
messages->confirm->DeviceOn Activate this device for !price?
messages->confirm->DeviceOff Deactivate this device for !price?
messages->confirm->Toggle Toggle this device for !price?
messages->confirm->Device Temporarily activate this device for !price?
messages->confirm->Heal Heal yourself for !price?
messages->confirm->Repair Repair the item held in your hand for !price?
messages->confirm->Dispose Dispose of !items?