Key English
command-usage &6[LockettePro] &bLockettePro plugin help
&c1. In order to add a user to a sign, right click the sign, then enter /lock <line number> <text> to change the line.
&c2. To reload configuration, enter /lock reload.
LockettePro by connection_lost
you-can-quick-lock-it &6[LockettePro] &aRight click the block with a sign to lock.
you-can-manual-lock-it &6[LockettePro] &aPlace a sign and write [Private] to lock it.
config-reloaded &6[LockettePro] &aConfig reloaded.
no-permission &6[LockettePro] &cYou don't have permission to do that.
no-sign-selected &6[LockettePro] &cSelect a sign by right-clicking on it first.
sign-need-reselect &6[LockettePro] &cPlease re-select the sign.
line-is-too-long &6[LockettePro] &cThis line is too long!
cannot-change-this-line &6[LockettePro] &cYou cannot change this line.
sign-changed &6[LockettePro] &aSign edited successfully.
locked-quick &6[LockettePro] &aBlock locked successfully.
additional-sign-added-quick &6[LockettePro] &aAdditional sign added successfully.
cannot-lock-quick &6[LockettePro] &cYou cannot lock this.
cannot-add-additional-sign-quick &6[LockettePro] &cYou cannot add a sign here
locked-manual &6[LockettePro] &aBlock locked successfully.
additional-sign-added-manual &6[LockettePro] &aAdditional sign added successfully.
cannot-lock-manual &6[LockettePro] &cYou cannot lock this.
cannot-add-additional-sign-manual &6[LockettePro] &cYou cannot add a sign here
not-locked-yet-manual &6[LockettePro] &cThis block is not locked yet.
cannot-lock-door-nearby-manual &6[LockettePro] &cThere is a door nearby.