Key English
action §5* {0} §5{1}
addedToAccount §a{0} has been added to your account.
addedToOthersAccount §a{0} added to {1}§a account. New balance: {2}
adventure adventure
afkCommandDescription Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
afkCommandUsage /<command> [player/message...]
alertBroke broke:
alertFormat §3[{0}] §r {1} §6 {2} at: {3}
alertPlaced placed:
alertUsed used:
alphaNames §4Player names can only contain letters, numbers and underscores.
antiBuildBreak §4You are not permitted to break§c {0} §4blocks here.
antiBuildCraft §4You are not permitted to create§c {0}§4.
antiBuildDrop §4You are not permitted to drop§c {0}§4.
antiBuildInteract §4You are not permitted to interact with§c {0}§4.
antiBuildPlace §4You are not permitted to place§c {0} §4here.
antiBuildUse §4You are not permitted to use§c {0}§4.
antiochCommandDescription A little surprise for operators.
antiochCommandUsage /<command> [message]
anvilCommandDescription Opens up an anvil.