Key English Chinese (Traditional)
ALERT->[0] &6&lACR &8> &7%player% has just entered the %group% hack group. &6&lACR &8> &7%player% 剛剛加入了 %group% 外掛群組。
ALERT->[1] &6&lACR &8> &7%player%'s last failed check was: %check%. &6&lACR &8> &7%player% 上次失敗的檢查是:%check%。
ALERT->[2] &6&lACR &8> &7Type '/acr report %player%' for more information. &6&lACR &8> &7輸入 '/acr report %player%' 獲得更多資訊。
WARNING->[0] &6&lACR &8>&7 You have been flagged for using cheats. &6&lACR &8>&7 你已經被標記使用外掛。
WARNING->[1] &6&lACR &8>&7 If you continue to cheat, action will be taken. &6&lACR &8>&7 如果你繼續作弊,將採取措施。
BAN_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Banned for unfair advantage &6&lACR &8> &7因不公平的優勢而被封禁
BAN_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was banned for cheating &6&lACR &8> &7%player% 因使用外掛而被封鎖
KICK_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Kicked for unfair advantage &6&lACR &8> &7因不公平的優勢而被踢出
KICK_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was kicked for cheating &6&lACR &8> &7%player% 因使用外掛而被踢除
SPAM_WARNING &6&lACR &8> &7Stop spamming the server or you will be kicked! &6&lACR &8> &7請停止傳送垃圾訊息,否則將被踢除!
SPAM_KICK_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Kicked for spamming &6&lACR &8> &7因洗頻而被踢除
SPAM_KICK_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was kicked for spamming &6&lACR &8> &7%player% 因洗頻而被踢除
SPAM_BAN_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Banned for spamming &6&lACR &8> &7因洗頻而被封禁
SPAM_BAN_BROADCAST &c%player% was banned for spamming &c%player% 因洗頻而被封禁
ALERT_PREFIX &6&lACR &8> &7 &6&lACR &8> &7