Key English
ALERT->[0] &6&lACR &8> &7%player% has just entered the %group% hack group.
ALERT->[1] &6&lACR &8> &7%player%'s last failed check was: %check%.
ALERT->[2] &6&lACR &8> &7Type '/acr report %player%' for more information.
WARNING->[0] &6&lACR &8>&7 You have been flagged for using cheats.
WARNING->[1] &6&lACR &8>&7 If you continue to cheat, action will be taken.
BAN_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Banned for unfair advantage
BAN_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was banned for cheating
KICK_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Kicked for unfair advantage
KICK_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was kicked for cheating
SPAM_WARNING &6&lACR &8> &7Stop spamming the server or you will be kicked!
SPAM_KICK_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Kicked for spamming
SPAM_KICK_BROADCAST &6&lACR &8> &7%player% was kicked for spamming
SPAM_BAN_REASON &6&lACR &8> &7Banned for spamming
SPAM_BAN_BROADCAST &c%player% was banned for spamming