Key English
General->Prefix &c&lAdvancedBan &8&l»
General->NoPerms &cYou don't have perms for that!
General->LayoutNotFound &cThere is no layout called %NAME%
General->TimeLayoutD %D%day(s) %H%h %M%min and %S%sec
General->TimeLayoutH %H%hour(s) %M%min and %S%sec
General->TimeLayoutM %M%min and %S%sec
General->TimeLayoutS %S% seconds
General->FailedFetch &cCould not fetch the UUID of %NAME%! See console for details.
Ban->Usage &cUsage &8» &7&o/ban (-s) [Name] [Reason/@Layout]
Ban->Done &c&o%NAME% &7was successfully banned!
Ban->AlreadyDone &c&o%NAME% &7has already been banned!
Ban->Exempt &7You are not able to ban &c&o%NAME%
Ban->Layout->[0] %PREFIX% &7Permanently banned
Ban->Layout->[1] &7
Ban->Layout->[2] &7
Ban->Layout->[3] &cReason &8» &7%REASON%
Ban->Layout->[4] &7
Ban->Layout->[5] &8Unban application in TS or forum
Ban->Layout->[6] &eTS-Ip &8» &c&ncoming soon
Ban->Layout->[7] &eForum &8» &c&ncoming soon