Key English Chinese (Traditional)
prefix &7[&cAdmin GUI&7] &7[&c管理員介面&7]
permission &cYou don't have permission to do this! &c你沒有權限執行此操作!
is_not_a_player &c{player} isn't a player! &c{player} 並非一名玩家!
is_not_a_number &c{number} isn't a number! &c{number} 並非一個數字!
wrong_arguments &cYou can only use /admin or /admin <player> &c你只能使用 /admin 或 /admin <玩家>
vault_required &cYour server don't have installed Vault to complete this action! &c需要先在您的伺服器安裝 Vault 才能完成此動作!
vanish_required &cYour server don't have installed Super Vanish or Premium Vanish to complete this action! &c需要先在您的伺服器安裝 Super Vanish 或 Premium Vanish 才能完成此動作!
inventory_main &4&lAdmin GUI &4&l管理員介面
inventory_player &5&l{player} &5&l{player}
inventory_world &2&lWorld &2&l世界
inventory_players &1&lPlayers &1&l玩家
inventory_actions &9&lActions &2&l{player} &9&l動作 &2&l{player}
inventory_kick &8&lKick &2&l{player} &8&l踢除 &2&l{player}
inventory_ban &8&lBan &2&l{player} &8&l封禁 &2&l{player}
inventory_potions &c&lPotions &2&l{player} &c&l藥水 &2&l{player}
inventory_spawner &8&lSpawner &2&l{player} &8&l生成 &2&l{player}
inventory_money &2&lMoney &2&l{player} &2&l金錢 &2&l{player}
inventory_money_give &2&lMoney GIVE {player} &2&l金錢給予 {player}
inventory_money_set &2&lMoney&9&l SET &2&l{player} &2&l金錢&9&l 設置 &2&l{player}
inventory_money_take &2&lMoney&c&l TAKE &2&l{player} &2&l金錢&c&l 拿取 &2&l{player}