Key Chinese (Traditional) English
lang.translator Zanah_68, pan93412, Lemon7777
ui.text.loading.loading_gacha_data 正在加載卡池資料,{may_take_a_while}... Loading banner data, {may_take_a_while}...
ui.text.loading.loading_gacha_data_uid 正在讀取 UID {uid} 玩家的 {gacha_name} 卡池歷史資料,{may_take_a_while}... Reading the {gacha_name} banner history of player {uid}, {may_take_a_while}...
ui.text.rank 級別 Rarity
ui.text.table.rank 級別 Rarity
ui.text.table.data_table.info_empty 沒有任何資料 Data not found
ui.text.chance_of_win_by_three_rank 3星以下中獎率 3-Star and below Drop Rate
ui.text.three_rank_wins_count 3星以下中獎數:{count} 3-Star and Below Drops: {count} 前往下載 {version} Go to the download page {version}
ui.text.various_gacha 各類卡池 All Wish Banners
ui.text.donate_description 贊助我們請我們喝杯咖啡 :) Support us with some coffee money :)
ui.text.help_translate_description 沒有您的語言嗎?幫助我們翻譯! Unavailable in your preferred languages? Help us translate it!
ui.text.project_leader 專案負責人 Project moderator
ui.text.translation_reviewer 翻譯審核人員 Translation proofreaders
ui.text.translated_language 已翻譯語言 has been translated to
modules.error.unable_read_log 無法讀取 Log 檔案,請確保您啟動過遊戲。 Unable to read the log file. Please make sure that you have launched the game before.
modules.error.get_gacha_type_data_api_url_failed 卡池類型資料 API 網址取得失敗。 Failed to get the API endpoint of the wish type data.
modules.error.get_gacha_history_api_url_failed 卡池歷史紀錄 API 網址取得失敗。 Unable to get the API endpoint of the wish history data.
modules.error.get_items_api_url_failed 項目資料 Api 網址取得失敗。 Unable to get the API endpoint of the item data.
modules.error.get_area_parameter_failed 區域參數取得失敗,請重新開啟遊戲內卡池歷史紀錄。 Unable to get the region parameters. Please reopen the wish history page in the game.