Key Chinese (Traditional) English
ui.text.table.total_of_draws 總抽數 Total Wishes
ui.text.table.draws_count_in_win 保底內抽數 Number of Wishes Since the Last Pity
ui.text.table.data_table.length_menu 每頁顯示 {menu} 筆記錄 Display {menu} records per page
ui.text.count_of_win_by_five_rank 5星中獎數 Number of 5-Star Item Drops
ui.text.count_of_win_by_four_rank 4星中獎數 Number of 4-Star item Drops
ui.text.count_of_win_by_three_rank 3星以下中獎數 Number of Other Drops (3-Star and Below)
ui.text.count_of_win_by_character 角色中獎數 Number of Character Drops
ui.text.count_of_win_by_weapon 武器中獎數 Number of Weapon Drops
ui.text.event_wish_image 活動祈願圖 Event Wish Banner Image
ui.text.donate_developer 贊助開發者 Support the Developers
ui.text.lightbox.album_label 第 {0} 張圖片,共有 {1} 張圖片 {0} of {1} pictures
ui.text.draws_info.msg1 目前累積 {accumulate_draws} 抽,平均 {averag_draws_count_in_win} 抽中5星。 Currently accumulated {accumulate_draws} wishes, on average {averag_draws_count_in_win} wishes per 5-star item.
modules.error.url_get_data_failed 網址 "{url}" 取得資源失敗:{msg} Failed to fetch resources from "{url}": {msg}
modules.error.unable_get_gacha_history_url 無法取得卡池歷史紀錄頁面網址,請確保您在遊戲內卡池開啟過歷史紀錄。 Unable to fetch the URL of the wish history page, please make sure that you have opened it in the game.
modules.error.url_verification_failed 網址 "{url}" 驗證失敗:{msg} Failed to verify site "{url}" : {msg}
modules.error.unable_get_player_uid 無法取得玩家 UID。 Unable to get the player UID.