Key Chinese (Traditional) English 繁體中文 English 原神祈願卡池分析 Genshin Impact Wish Gacha Analyzer
ui.text.title.home 綜合數據圖表 Overall Data Chart
ui.text.title.gacha {gacha_name} - 數據圖表 {gacha_name} - Data Chart
ui.text.title.history 歷史紀錄 History
ui.text.title.web_signin 網頁每日簽到 Webpage Daily Check-In
ui.text.title.teyvat_interactive_map 提瓦特互動地圖 Teyvat Interactive Map 貢獻名單 Contributors
ui.text.title.contribution_list.description 感謝以下為此軟體貢獻的夥伴! Special thanks to the following partners who have contributed to the development of this software!
ui.text.initialize.title 初始化... Initializing...
ui.text.initialize.description 請稍等,正在初始化... Please wait, initializing...
ui.text.data_loading 資料加載中... Loading data...
ui.text.erroe 發生錯誤 Error
ui.text.loading.may_take_a_while 可能需要一點時間 This may take a while
ui.text.chance_of_win_by_rank 級別中獎率 Drop Rate by Rarity
ui.text.chance_of_win_by_character_and_weapon 角色武器中獎率 Character & Weapon Drop Rate
ui.text.wins_pie_chart 中獎數圓餅圖 Wish Result Pie Chart
ui.text.character 角色 Character
ui.text.weapon 武器 Weapon
ui.text.table.title 表格 Table